Videoconference recording links: April 13 with Gov. Ige, Mayor Victorino, Sen. English, Rep. DeCoite

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Below is the link to last night’s Zoom meeting posted on our Hawai’i Senate YouTube page, Downloads, timeline, and links that were brought up in the conversation. Please let me know if you’d like me to add any more information. Thanks everyone!!

Cure Sulunga

Communications Specialist


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0:03 Senator J Kalani English opens

2:18 Governor David Ige opening words

8:34 Joint Task Commander, Moses Kaoiwi Jr. of the National Guard info on what they’re doing

10:46 Maui Mayor Michael Victorino on checkpoints in East and West Maui

13:16 Representative Lynn DeCoite

13:48 Senator J Kalani English

15:12 Senate President Ron Kouchi

15:59 Senator J Kalani English opens for questions from the public


16:15 Noe of Maui ( What is the situation on blocked roads and who will have access to drive through?)

19:37 Misty Parker ( Will National Guard understand locals need for hunting or will there be no exceptions?)

22:20 Shane Pale (How many servicemen will be stationed in each parts of the islands?)

30:16 Cliff of Maui (What will he need for proof of residency to pick up his spouse from Airport if he has a California ID card?) (Will officers be practicing social distancing?)

32:00 Fawn Helekahi from Hana ( Are you a “resident”  if you simply own a house?) (Contact information of Chief of Command or whoever to call when changes do occur?)

35:20 Noe from Maui (How to address if ID says “Haiku” when coming in to check on family in Ke’Anae ?)

36:37 Susu from Lana’i (Who’s managing travel declarations in Lana’i and who to report to when travel power is being abused?)

38:42 Myrah Kawasaki (Where is National Guard residing ?)

40:00 Misty Parker on National Guard

43:45 Dr. Meyer from Hana (Is there monitoring for those going into mandatory 14-day quarantine?)

47:08 Trans Lana’i (Why risk island of Lana’i and bring in Doctors who have been exposed and tested hundreds of people when there aren’t any cases?)

50:21 Gale Notestone (Is there a plan in place when all of this will end?)

52:39 Constituent from Moloka’i (Why aren’t they monitoring essential and nonessential travelers? Is it really essential only?)

58:24 Paulb on Preparations

1:01:02 Rayna from Lona on taking care of her grandma and traveling

1:02:26 Dr. Lanai on testing kits

1:08:51 Melanie from Moloka’i request to shortening quarantine by testing more because of Depression scare

1:10:50 Lu Ann (Will National Guard be closing/ monitoring road?)

1:12:57 Heidi Lea on bringing younger generation to get tested, and tracking software to monitor

1:14:07 Myrah Kawasaki on wanting a curfew on Lana’i

1:16:59 Chelsea Trevino (Could we just have tests sent here to Lana’i?) (Are National Guard officers being tested?)

1:22:22 Dina from Moloka’i (Can something be implemented for only residents to be able to fish in their areas?)

1:27:55 Naomi (Does Spring Break until April 30th go for everyone in the state?)

1:30:43 Cynthia (Will National Guard be in Hana as well?)

1:32:50 Sheralee-Tiare Manosa (assistance for people in quarantine for more chance of them to stay home)

Closing Remarks

1:35:48 Maui Mayor Michael Victorino

1:36:38 Governor David Ige

1:38:49 Representative Lynn DeCoite

1:40:47 Senator J Kalani English


Links brought up in the conversation

Senator J. Kalani English:

Representative Lynn DeCoite Email:

Councilmember Shane Sinenci’s office:

Jacob Aki, Senator English Chief of Staff:

Hana Community Testing For Coronavirus:

Hana Community Testing for Coronavirus Infection for April 17, 2020 Flyer:


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