This HBC Sponsored page will continue on as a place for the ʻōpio o Maui Hikina inspired by the Jredyn Kaina Scholarship Fund for Class of 2023!

Jredyn Kaina Scholarship Fund for Class of 2023!

Mahalo to all who helped surpass our goal and support the Hāna High Students graduating this year who applied to this scholarship!

Congratulations to our scholarship recipients:
Pristine Moani Perry
Lila Sansone
Lilian Park-Smith
Irie Mizner
Faʻamalosi Moeai

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Updated Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Jredyn Kaina Scholarship Fund for Class of 2023

Established by Jre’s Grandma and current HBC President Dawn Lono. The Hana Business Council is sponsoring the Jredyn Kaina Scholarship which will be awarded to a student or students of the class of 2023. This would have been Jre’s graduation year! He was very close to and beloved by his classmates. They stepped up and assisted in so many ways as Jre was making his journey from his accident to his passing! Their assistance will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN and this scholarship will assist with continuing education for college or trade school. 
Mahalo for your kokua!
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Watch the presentation from May 20, 2023 of the Scholarships and Diplomas for this years Graduating Class of 2023! 
At minute 22 begins the Jredyn Kaina Scholarship Award offering by Dawn Lono and ʻOhana, with a moment of silence in honor of Jredyn at 30 minutes… 

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PRESS RELEASE submitted to the Spring 2023 Hanaside News – 1/6/2023

Jredyn Kaina ~ His Memory Lives on

~ Written by Jawna Lono ~

The School year began and I’m taking Alaula to her first day. Amongst all the hustle and bustle of students and teachers I see Jredyn’s classmates.  They’re driving to school, they have facial hair and are Seniors!!!  I’m taken back for a second and find myself losing my breath, tears are building as I give Alaula a kiss and tell her to have a good day.  As soon as the doors close I’m a complete mess.  My mind begins to fill with thoughts of how he would be if he was here.  Tall, handsome, and energetic.  Cracking jokes to us. Maybe he would be driving himself to school dropping off Alaula.  I had to stop myself and bring it back to reality.  As I slowly calmed myself down I realized that his classmates are some of my many gentle reminders of him.  These young men and young women are a beautiful bunch.  When Jre was in the hospital their prayers, calls, texts, cards, and gifts were non stop.  Prestine, along with her classmates put together a car wash fundraiser, Aden, Ekolu, flew up to Queens alongside their family to come visit him, talked to Jredyn and had moments only they shared.  I wonder what was said in those moments, I watched from outside the door as they laughed and cried and starred.  The Love that they showed was nothing short of amazing.  

Till this day they still haven’t stopped showing Love, especially on days like his Birthday, where Lila beats me to Hana Bay to light lanterns and throw flowers with some fellow classmates who have already came and left.  Inviting us to a Birthday BBQ for Jre just takes my breath away!  Makani stands beside me in line at the store and tells me “Aunty I taking Jre to prom!” Naara comes to me and says “Aunty we’re gonna include Jre in our graduation ceremony with him having a chair and walking down the aisle”.  These moments of pure love and such thoughtfulness are what we live for! There is not a day that goes by that I don’t see someone wearing his red shirt.  No matter where I happen to run into one of them they always stop and say “howzit Aunty”  and smile. Just that moment makes my day.  This makes my heart happy and lets me know that with the help of his classmates, friends and family Jre will never be forgotten.  I will never be able to show them how much they really mean to me.  

So alongside my Mom and the community we have created a Scholarship to show some appreciation and love.  Jre’s memory will continue to live on thru the lives of his classmates that he grew up with.  Their connection will not only keep that Love that they have for him living but keeps the Love going and growing!  And in the end only Love remains.  Mahalo class of 2023.  Live your lives to the fullest, take chances, take charge, reach your goals,  connect with all elements of this earth and become all you can be! Jre will always be apart of you so you are a part of our family.  We support and Love you all forever and ever Amen.