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 After discussing the confusion experienced by East Maui customers regarding their new broadband service, Hawaiian Telcom has assigned their customer relations manager (Dana Wong) to work directly with interested parties to resolve their problems when inquiring about eligibility for the new limited broadband service.  Upon request she has submitted the notice below for me to distribute.  I think this will make it easier for folks inquiring about new service.  Please feel free to call me if you have questions or any further issues.

Bill Sides, Hana Broadband Committee

(808) 248-7758

Hawaiian Telcom is now offering broadband service to certain addresses in East Maui. Because the situation in our community is unique and requires special handling, Dana Wong from the Customer Relations office will be helping to facilitate the process.

Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Call 808-643-3377 (toll free), Text 808-859-6390 (Honolulu cell, charges may apply) or Email Customer.Relations@hawaiiantel.com to share your full name, your street address or Tax Map Key and the best contact number.
  2.  By the next business day, you can expect to receive a response letting you know if your address is eligible for services or not.
  3. If your address qualifies, Dana will help to coordinate issuance of your order and scheduling of your appointment.

Appointments are limited to Tuesdays and Wednesdays and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you contacted the Hawaiian Telcom customer service team in the past and were told your address was not eligible, please contact Dana Wong and have her double check your address. Our community addresses, which include non-traditional street addresses, were not uploaded into the customer service systems, so there is a chance that your address is eligible.

Noticing Poor Internet Connection from Spectrum?

Install on your Smart Phone: 

FCC Speed Test


The FCC makes available for free a smart-phone speed test application that reports the results directly to the FCC.  When Spectrum internet is performing badly, this is your opportunity to directly tell the FCC how bad the situation is getting.  The more people that run it from their smartphones, the more likely the FCC will see that there is a large group of people experiencing poor internet service from Spectrum.


Apple iPhone and iPad users



Android users



NOTE: The FCC does not accept speed tests from PC web browsers because those are too unreliable. 

Only Smartphones or dedicated hardware devices like https://SamKnows.com are accepted for residential FCC speed test performance.