Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Begins Planning Study for the Hāna Greenway Master Plan

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For Immediate Release

April 25, 2025

Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Begins Planning Study for the Hāna Greenway Master Plan

By Heidi Lea, Executive Director of the Hāna Business Council

In 2023 efforts spearheaded by the Hāna Business Council found a champion in Pam Eaton at the Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). In a vote by the Maui MPO board in February 2024, the Hāna Greenway Master Plan was added into the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). This action provides $100,000 to be put towards a planning study of Hāna town for developing a multimodal corridor along the Hana Highway for decades, for the safety and well-being of our community. 

PBR Hawaiʻi & Associates, an Oahu based professional services design company with over 50 years of experience in Hawaiʻi, will be conducting the preliminary plan, working with our community to define the project. A team will be boots on the ground at the beginning of May to see the area and put this into a framework that will unfold in phases over the next several years.

The Hāna Community Plan ʻSocial Infrastructure’ area encourages establishing a recreation management plan. Our community through the efforts of Hāna Business Council members like Eileen Comeaux and Duane Lammers, have engaged in discussions with residents to identify areas of consideration for this plan, including along main Hāna town corridors including, 1) the improvement of the existing “sidewalk” that is along the neighborhood close to the Hāna Elementary & High School, 2) the creation of a safe pathway between Paʻani Mai Park and the Subdivision, 3) from the Hāna-Maui Hotel into town center, establishing 4) a new 3 mile corridor adjacent to the highway that includes the offer of 2.5 miles of frontage road currently owned by Hāna Ranch from the police station through town to the turn onto Haneoʻo to Koki Beach, and 5) from the police station to Hāna Bay and around the ballpark.

Stay tuned… Planned public outreach sessions over the next several months will be announced as a calendar is developed. You can find out more about how this project is progressing on the HānaMaui! website.