Maui County 2024 US National Small Business Week – Join In the FREE Guest Speaker Series April 28 – May 2

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PRESS RELEASE:  “Resilience Strategies for Maui Entrepreneurs” talk kicks-off the Maui County 2024 US National Small Business Week

KAHULUI – The Maui County Small Business Week (MauiSBW) returns with a program that was well thought-out and carefully considered for our very local micro and small businesses that keep the County and State economy afloat. The MauiSBW follows the US National Small Business Week (NSBW) calendar. This year, it starts on Sunday, April 28 and ends on Saturday, May 4, 2024. More on their website

“Finding ways to help our local micro and small businesses to navigate through their challenges is a win-win for everyone” — said Dominic Suguitan, the president of the Maui Filipino Chamber of Commerce (MFCoC), one of the twelve collaborating organizations for the 2024 MauiSBW. “We cannot drop the ball from our end even when those resilient businesses start showing their giving-up signs” — Suguitan added.

The 2024 MauiSBW program includes four educational events designed for one-person, mom-and-pop, micro to small size of businesses.  Everyone in Maui County is invited to attend. As those four are virtual events – presented live and with no recording, businesses from other counties in the state of Hawai’i are also encouraged to attend.

“I personally own a business, am a partner in a business with my husband, manage a vacation rental for a small business owner who has me on payroll, and assist the HBC which has a plethora of businesses and nonprofits as members supporting our Hāna community; therefore, I can say running one’s own business on a island economy comes with a lot of extra challenges – even in normal times” — said the executive director of Hāna Business Council (HBC) Heidi Lea. “That is why HBC is also collaborating for this 2024 MauiSBW.”

Here are the four 2024 MauiSBW virtual events with the topics for you:

    1. Sunday, April 28, 2024, from HST 10AM to 11:15AM:
      Shift Your Brilliance: Reset & Re-emerge — Resilience Strategies for Maui Entrepreneurs 

In this inspiring virtual experience, renowned brilliance expert, Simon T. Bailey will share powerful insights and practical strategies to help Maui entrepreneurs reset and re-emerge from the devastating fires that ravaged the island a few months ago. Drawing from real-life examples and research-backed techniques, Simon will guide participants on a transformative journey to shift their brilliance and build unshakable resilience in the face of adversity. More info (about the talk and the guest speaker) and registration:

    1. Tuesday, April 30, 2024, from HST 9AM to 11:00AM:
      Unchain Your Brain — Move Your Business Forward
      While part of your brain is focused on achievement, other parts of your brain may be holding you back: e.g. anxiety, distraction, procrastination, distorted sense of time, short term memory loss, and more. The 2024 MauSBW guest speaker Alma Galvan is a recognized expert who has advised hundreds of business owners to successfully refocus their mental energy to achieve their goals. During her talk, Galvan will assert her experience via showcasing why and how to get all the “key players” tuned on same page.
      More info (about the talk and the guest speaker) and registration:
    2. Wednesday, May 1st, 2024, from 9AM to 10:15AM:
      Artificial Intelligence: Applications, Implications and Speculations
      Recent advances in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are revolutionizing our economy and our society. AI-based systems are finding numerous applications in marketing, sales, healthcare, finances, education, transportation, logistics, design, and even in scientific research. In the future, AI research may even open the door to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), enabling us to create digital minds, systems as intelligent, powerful, and conscious as humans.  If they come into existence, what will be the social, legal, and ethical implications? Attend this talk with the 2024 MauSBW guest speaker Arlindo Oliveira, who is a Portuguese academic, researcher and writer. He is author of more than 150 scientific articles and papers in conferences, and three books: Computer Architecture (co
    3. -authored), The Digital Mind, and Inteligência Artificial.

More info (about the talk and the guest speaker) and registration:

  1. Thursday, May 2nd, 2024, from HST 10AM to 11:30AM:
    Finding Grants, Sponsorships, and Resources
    Learn with the 2024 MauiSBW guest speaker Cheryl Smith where to find nonprofit funding from private foundations, government agencies, and corporations.  Discover a few essential steps you can take to position your organization for these opportunities.Smith is the author of “21 Ways to Fund a Nonprofit” and brings also her more than twenty five years experience to this talk. More info (about the talk and the guest speaker) and registration:

You are invited to attend (at no charge to you) the four events above which were well thought-out and carefully considered by the following collaborating organizations/agencies/groups working together to bring this 2024 MauiSBW:

Maui County Small Business Week (MauiSBW); County of Maui and its Office of Economic Development (Maui OED); Hawai’i Technology Development Corporation (HTDC); Maui Economic Opportunity (MEO); Maui Filipino Chamber of Commerce (MFCoC); Hāna Business Council (HBC); Lokahi Pacific; Grants Central Station; Hawai’i Small Business Development Center (Maui); RJK (Richard Kehoe MBA, CPA); HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union, and Maui Business Brainstormers (MBB).

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