Spectrum provides Internet credit to East Maui customers

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Aloha Mai Kakou:

If you are receiving internet service from Spectrum you should receive a letter like the one attached notifying you of the 4 months credit you should see on your March billing and that you will receive credit for each month after that until your service is improved. The credit will be in the amount of your monthly internet basic service. It would not include additional charges such as downloaded movies etc. If you have not received a letter within a week you should contact:

William C. Wesselman

Email – William.Wesselman@charter.com

Ph. – (303)489-5436

Other News:

We were initially told by Spectrum Hawaii that the new microwave dish would be completed by the end of the year. Mr. Wesselman said that they are now pushing to have it completed in June or July and the download speed should average 100 Mbps in the evening.

Besides asking credit for poor service, we also wanted to be given automatic credit for service outages. When the whole town loses service, we ask that credit should be given to every Hana customer without having to request it. Mr. Wesselman informed me that it is under consideration, and I think we will see some form of automatic credit. We will keep you informed.

We will still be going to the FCC. Not with a complaint about Spectrum but just to have it on record such that they would be aware that this could be happening in other rural communities that are not as diligent as Hana has been.

The Hana Broadband Committee is a sub-committee of the Hana Business Council, and I would like to thank the Business Council for their help and all of those in the community that have participated. You really can move a national company to do what is right if you have a community like Hana that can come together and demand that they be treated fairly.


Bill Sides


A Sub-Committee of


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Hana, HI 96713
Ph. (808)248-7758
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