Recording of Video Conference about Hana Testing

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Aloha everyone,

Thank you all for tuning in to tonight’s Zoom meeting. Below is the download link for you to keep in your records, but if you are just trying to watch the video again I suggest going to Senator English’s Live stream. I will also leave a link of that below as well as a timeline of tonight’s meeting, private chats that were sent to me pertaining to Friday’s testing site and important contact information that was mentioned. Wishing you all a good night’s rest.


Cure Sulunga

Communications Specialist

Recording Download link:

Senator J Kalani English Facebook Live (if just re-watching the meeting):


00:00 Senator J Kalani English starts with the disinfecting of Hana

01:51 Gail on Public COVID-19 testing Friday

06:50 Question from Heidi Lea (Are tests going to remain with some medical providers for those who can’t come on Friday?)

10:07 Question from Neil Hasegawa ( Are grocery workers considered essential?)

11:30 Senator J Kalani English on National Guard

16:00 Terryl Vencl Maui Mayors Office reiterating Senator J Kalani English

18:03 Question from Dr. Chad Meyer (Will National Guard be doing screening at the airport?)

18:25 Doctors and Epidemiologists request to give leaders health guidelines

21:20 Spread of virus through restrooms

27:31 Question from Marni (How many people in team so that we can provide accurate amount of PPE?)

29:25 Senator J Kalani English on 15 positive Maui Memorial Cases

34:32 Question from Neil Hasegawa (After testing everyone, what’s the next step?)

37:20 Question from Maui Joy (How do we volunteer to be on the tracing them?)

44:24 Question from Maui Joy (Is there anyway to compensate those that will be taking in positive tested residents into their rentals?)

51:25 Facebook Questions

1:12:50 Anna Lieding offering her services for Friday

1:14:01 Question from Cynthia (Road signs?)

1:19:15 Question (What if you’re working on Friday?)

01:21:56 Closing remarks

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