Maui residents say there needs to be a solution to mitigate traffic on Hana Highway

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Maui County Council’s infrastructure and management committee heard public testimony regarding the packed highway.
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Monday, June 28th 2021, 4:00 PM HST

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On Maui, traffic problems are taking hold of a scenic stretch of highway as the island sees an influx in visitors.

Maui County Council’s infrastructure and management committee heard public testimony on Monday on Hana’s packed highway.  Residents say there needs to be a solution to mitigate the traffic congestion — arguing the overcrowded roads are a danger and potential safety crisis.

“What I would argue is that when the road is over capacity, and literally just gridlock so that emergency vehicles aren’t able to get through that is a safety crisis,” said Scott Crawford, who testified.

“Myself and my friends have noticed, and extreme alarming increase in families walking on the road — it’s extremely dangerous, there are little children, elderly people, and it’s narrow. There are turns, blind turns,” said Mahealani.

Some residents say their normal commute is now two hours longer  because of the congestion.