Makahiki Hou Hau’oli ~ Fireworks Safety Notice

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The East Maui Ready EMR team hopes you enjoy the eve of the Makahiki Hou Hau’oli safely – taking to heart the rules around fireworks safety, and with considerations to your neighbors, families in the area and pets! Sending a HUGE MAHALO NUI to our local patrol officers and first responders who work overtime for our community.

Fireworks can be legally set off only from 9 p.m. New Year’s Eve to 1 a.m. New Year’s Day. Setting off fireworks outside designated times is punishable by law; violations are subject to fines up to $2,000.

A Fireworks Permit is required for the use of firecrackers. Aerial Fireworks require an Aerial Fireworks Use & Purchase Permit weeks in advance. 

The Department of Fire and Public Safety reminds the public to keep fireworks away from young children, including sparklers, which burn at 2,000 degrees. Older children should use fireworks only with adult supervision. All fireworks users should read and follow all warnings and instructions listed by the manufacturer and make sure to have a clear, flat area to use the fireworks, away from structures, dry grass or brush or other readily ignitable materials. A water hose or bucket of water should always be available.

A fireworks permit is not required for consumer fireworks such as sparklers, snakes and cylindrical or cone fountains, which emit effects not higher than 12 feet off the ground. However, a fireworks permit is required for the use of firecrackers.

Each permit costs $25, payable by check or money order to the County of Maui. Cash will be accepted at the Fire Prevention Bureau in Waikapu and Pine Isle Market on Lanai only. Each permit allows a purchase of up to 5,000 firecrackers. There is no limit to the number of permits issued to each person. Applicants must be 18 years or older and show proof of age at the time of permit processing.

Permits will be available at 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. through Dec. 31 at the Central Maui: Fire Prevention Bureau, 313 Manea Place, Waikapu Consolidated Baseyard.

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