Kama’aina First team merging the ShopSmallMaui.com website into the KamaainaFirst.com website

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Today, your Kama’aina First team is excited to share with you:

1.    We are merging the ShopSmallMaui.com website into the KamaainaFirst.com website to build business and attract more traffic. 
With this merge, we will change the name of the program from Shop Small Maui to Shop Small Maui Nui.
2.    Kamaainafirst.com is an information hub where you can share your kama’aina deals at no cost. 
Kama’aina First program was created in light of the circumstances we are facing. The differences between Shop Small Maui Nui and Kamaaina First are:
–    Shop Small Maui Nui provides lists of small businesses registered in Maui County.  (We refer to the SBA’s definition in determining what is a small business.)
–    Kama’aina First program provides information on kama’aina deals offered by ALL businesses in Maui County.

3.    All qualifying Kama’aina First members will automatically be recognized as part of Shop Small Maui Nui ohana starting Oct 1, 2020. There is no cost to be part of Shop Small Maui Nui.

4.    We will launch a media campaign in November – just in time for holiday shopping – with radio segments, ads, social media posts and more. Details about the November media campaign and how you take advantage of free business publicity will be shared as soon as we have them available.

At this moment, there is no action required on your end.
The Kamaaina First program also includes an exciting Facebook group page.
To date, we have more than 10,400 members. Please join us on Facebook if you haven’t already, and invite your friends and family too! You need not have a kama’aina offer to post information on your products and services on this page.
Thank you again for your ongoing support of your Maui Nui `ohana.
Given the ongoing public health crisis across our state, we recommend you follow safe practices to reduce the spread of the virus in our community. This includes avoiding crowds, observing physical distancing of 6 to 10 feet, wearing face masks in public, staying home when sick and frequently washing your hands.
We should also remember to practice “ALOHA” with everyone, so we can lift each other up and emerge Maui County strong.