Hanaside News is Back!

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TO: Editor in Charge
CONTACT: Janet Scheffer, Mana Means Communications, (808) 521-1160 DATE: December 30, 2020

For Immediate Release

Hanaside News is Back!

From Keanae to Kaupo and Through COVID

(Hana, Maui, Hawaii), December 31, 2020—For twelve years, Hanaside News has served as East Maui’s newspaper, providing news and events, highlighting community members, and supporting local businesses. However, with COVID, publisher Doris Buckley found her priorities changing, and she made the decision to step down in order to spend more time with her family.

Luckily for the community, the torch has been passed to new publisher and local resident Amanda Mori, allowing this amazing community resource to continue to inform and enrich the lives of Hana residents.

Ms. Mori grew up in Hana, and, although she spent time traveling and living in the Pacific Northwest, ultimately, Hana called her back home. “Hana is such a special community. Hawaii has been developed in so many ways, but Hana has been able to remain authentic—a small community where people take care of each other. As a mother, I want to celebrate community—a simple life—enriched by ‘Ohana and values, vs. consumerism,” says Mori. Ms. Mori’s background is in hospitality, real estate and IT, and it was during a call to Doris Buckley about her real estate business that led to her taking over the newspaper. “I wanted information about advertising in Hanaside News, and ended up publisher,” laughs Mori.

Hanaside News focuses on local, uplifting news and Mori has no intention of changing that. “Not everyone has Internet access, and I want to keep HSN going for the community,” including keeping Doris’s current staff. “Hanaside News has a lot of moving parts. I am so grateful for Doris’s framework and entire team—they are so versatile and talented.”

Mori also appreciates Hanaside News local advertisers Hasegawa General Store, Hana Ranch Store, Mokulele Airlines, MECO (Maui Electric), East Maui Towing, Hana Land Trust, East Maui Irrigation, as well as all the local small businesses and organizations who have supported Hanaside News for more than a decade.

The first issue of Hanaside News under Mori’s management will come out on January 1st and will include the usual births and marriages, but will also focus on stories about how Hana has managed COVID. “During COVID, there has been increased support from farmers and community members who started growing. Hana has a long-established barter system—I’ve got papayas if you have avocados! Community members have always enjoyed making sure everyone is taken care of and they are now taking that to new heights.”

Hanaside News covers local news from Keanae to Kaupo and is available through subscription at www.hanasidenews.net. Past issues are also available online for subscribers.