Hāna School Keiki Artwork from Kumi Pi’ilani’s Hawaiian Studies Classes

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A little info about the Hana keiki artworks:

These artworks were created on Monday August 14th, 2023, by 6th and 8th grade students in Kumu Pi’ilani’s Hawaiian Studies classes at Hana School. 6 days after the fire that destroyed Lahaina and much of Kula, Maui. The children were guided by renowned Hawaiian Cultural Leader Kumu Pi’ilani Lua and international public artist Blessing Hancock.

This series aims to send a message of support from the children of Hana to the children Lahaina affected by the Maui fires. Each work emphasizes traditional Hawaiian cultural values and explores the themes of empathy and character building for these future Hana community leaders. The children of Hana are strong, ready and willing to help Maui. This is their message of love to the Maui children affected by the fires.

The keiki artworks are currently on display at the Hana Farmers Market and will soon be placed in an online auction to help fund fire relief efforts. Donors who sponsor these emerging keiki artists, will help us send their message to the otherside and all funds raised will go to support local organizations helping displaced children and families of the Maui fires.

Mahalo, Auntie Blessing, with Kumu Pi’ilani and the students of Hana School Maui