Hana Community Testing For Coronavirus Infection – Friday, April 17

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Provided at no cost through Premier Medical Group Hawai‘i

Help Spread the Word – Everyone encouraged to participate!

What we all do now will determine outcome for our community

Drive thru, Friday, April 17 by Hana Ball Park


  • Parking lot across from tennis court at Hana ball field
  • Anticipate 1-way traffic flow on road

Schedule of testing times:

  • 8-9 am essential workers
  • 9 am – 2 pm available to all who want to be tested

High priority for:

  • Anyone currently symptomatic (see common symptoms below) contact Hāna Health at 248-8294 to schedule your test
  • Persons 20-60 who have not practiced social distancing, frequently travel away from home (and who are possibly silentlyinfecting friends and family), and want to know if they are infectious for others
  • Those who have traveled outside of Hana in the past 2-3 weeks
  • Anyone living in a 3-generation household


  • Remain in vehicles while support team provides direction
  • Please bring an ID and be prepared to fill out info sheets for your family
  • Insurance cards are accepted, but not required

Test results:

• Returned by early next week with further instructions to follow


Recent studies of Coronavirus have shown that up to 20% of infectious persons have no symptoms, and many others are also infectious for several days before developing symptoms. As a result, persons may be unknowingly infectious and spreading the virus to family and throughout the community.

Hana Community-wide Prevention Strategy

1) PCR testing to identify persons needing isolation during their infectious period (7-10 days)
2) Practice “stay at home”- restrict time away from home to essential activities only
3) When away from home mask up, practice social distancing (minimum 6 ft separation, avoid all group activities)
4) Frequent hand washing with soap or hand sanitizers with 60% alcohol base
5) On return home from essential travel, correctly remove mask
6) Leave shoes outside home
7) Remove potentially contaminated clothes, separate from other clothing, wash in soapy water, dry in drier or on line 8) Immediately on return home shower with soapy cleanse

Covid19 Symptoms – if any of these apply call your health provider:

  • Similar to those of seasonal influenza, head and chest colds, even respiratory allergies
  • Fatigue, muscle and joint aches / pain
  • Fever is present at onset in only 30 % of cases
  • Loss of sense of smell combined with sore throat, dry cough, and absence of “nasal congestion“ / “runny nose”


Additional details will be posted here as they develop.

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