Alelele Point road UPDATE 7/20/23

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Work to finish the County of Maui’s rural roadway along Alelele Point was delayed due to weather and material deliveries, and limited access for residents from 5:30 p.m. until 7 a.m. daily will remain in effect through next week.

Hawaiian Telcom infrastructure reinstallation was delayed due to recent Tropical Storm Calvin and postponed material deliveries. Calvin was downgraded Wednesday as it moved south of the state.

Limited access through Alelele Point started July 11. Driving along the narrow, remote roadway that connects the rural communities of Kīpahulu and Kaupō is intended only for Maui County residents due to ongoing construction and limited access.

Work to finish the $1.5 million emergency slope stabilization project included road restoration and catchment fencing. Hawaiian Telcom infrastructure reinstallation is close to completion.

Less than a mile between Mile Markers 38 and 39 was closed May 10 because increased rockfall made passage unsafe.

Emergency slope scaling and rock debris removal by county contractor Prometheus Construction Inc. started June 11.

Crews removed about 2,300 tons of material – 800 tons more than initial projections. During daily work, crew members rappelled to remove loose boulders and other material along the slope, which extends nearly 300 feet high. Some boulders were up to 10 feet in diameter and weighed up to 22 tons.

For information on the roadway, visit the County of Maui website at and click on the Alelele Point Rock Scaling Project or follow the county’s Facebook and Instagram.