Embracing Maui to Support the Lives and Places Forever Changed

Stories of Action Towards Healing, Helping, Recalibration, Balance and Sustainability

We encourage our Maui ʻOhana to share their stories as we hoʻolana ~ move through our grief ~ with loving and gentle steps. 

We will be collecting stories from our community to share with one another during this time of the Maui Fire Disaster. 

Please allow up to 3 days for review and posting. You can email Heidi@HanaMaui.com if you have questions.

What is moʻolelo? From the UH Manoa Library Website – According to the Pukui’s Hawaiian-English dictionary the word moʻolelo may refer to:  Story, tale, myth, history, tradition, literature, legend, journal, log, yarn, fable, essay. 

Or, according to the Parker Hawiian-English dictionary it refers to:  A continuous or connected narrative; a history, a tradition.

In Hawaiian thought moʻolelo is a holistic expression of both artistic and intellectual articulations. Because of this moʻolelo may refer to any one of these meanings, or to a combination of all of them.

For the intention of HanaMaui.com as our ʻohana care for those who have lost their homes and beloved families, ʻaina, pets, and precious belongs. We hold this time and space to process and share moʻolelo and aloha.

Action We Can Take

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Kīpuni Aloha no Maui – 9/1 islandwide vigil

This islandwide vigil was initiated by Kumu Hula and others around the state as part of the Hawai’i Executive Collaboration. The purpose is to “help provide emotional and spiritual healing, and cleansing for the great loss that so many are suffering from on Maui. It will be rooted in Native Hawaiian practices and engage leaders from diverse faiths, sectors, and backgrounds.” 

The way people are gathering is different in each community. For Maui Hikina, itʻs suggested that the sunrise and sunset prayers be conducted in areas people feel most comfortable (home, on the land, near the ocean, etc.)  The collective community gathering is at Ala Kukuiʻs Hale Kūkalā at midday. Weʻve reached out to inter-faith groups in Maui Hikina to see who is available to share a prayer or spiritual message.  Kamanaʻopono is working with Akaku to have the midday ʻaha pule videotaped and shared out with the larger group. 

You can also participate from your homes or job sites, that is perfectly fine too. We just want to make sure people have the chance to do so. As we know itʻs all about the intention behind the pule that counts. 


August 13-22, 2023: Anahulu Hōʻīnana Ola
Ten-Day Ceremonial Period for the Animation of Health and Life

Tune into Instagram Live Sessions at 12 Noon through 8/22 lead by Cody Pueo Pata

QR code for the file containing the dox and recordings for the Anahulu Hōʻīnana Ola — a ceremony response for the victims of Maui's #wildfires. Beginning at noon on Sunday (Kāne), Aug 13, and continuing through Tuesday (Kūpau), Aug 22, practitioners are invited to join us at noon in sending our collective #mana to invigorate life, healing, and relief to the people and environment who have been devastated in these disasters. Any participation is appreciated and encouraged. Although the collective pule time is noon (HI time), you may present this ʻaha at any time, and practitioners can augment as they see fit.

Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMA Advisory
Hawaii Wildfires Partners Toolkit

Link to Downloadable PDF Reference File


Hawaiʻi Alliance for Progressive Action

Link to Support Maui – Help & Resources Page

Stop Maui Land Grabs Petition

Aloha kākou! I’m Nanea Lo from Papakōlea, Oʻahu. I’m w/Anne Frederick with HAPA – Hawaiʻi Alliance for Progressive Action.

We have made a comprehensive Maui Help & Resources webpage (please let me know if we should add anything that can further support folks):

* Stop Maui Land Grabs Petition
* Stop Stealing Maui’s Water Petition
* Maui Mutual Aid Resources
* Vetted Donation Links
* Direct ʻOhana Donation Doc/Links
* Maui Disaster Response & Recovery Support Form
* Maui Fires People Locator 
* Maui Fire Flood & Disaster Facebook Relief Group
* American Red Cross Hotline
* Drop Offs/Donation Sites per Island
* Volunteer Opportunities
* Wāhine/Mothers/Baby Care
* Small Businesses Supporting Maui
* Events per Island
* Spiritual & Mental Healing/Offerings
* Health Resources
* Immigrant Services
* Mele/ʻOli
* Legal Aid Services
* Other Resources

HAPA Website: https://www.hapahi.org

Connect w/me email: nanea@hapahi.org or action@hapahi.org

The Maui SBDC is assisting businesses affected with things like cancellations or a significant drop in business due to the Maui fire disaster, please APPLY NOW for the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan. 

2 files are available to assist your application and for information:
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