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Treasured East Maui Fine Artists

Ausrine’s Arts Room

Contact: Ausrine Kerr
Address 4206 Hana Hwy Hana, Hawaii 96713Address 1205 Crain Street Evanston, IL 60202Address 4206 Hana Hwy Hana, Hawaii 96713 Phone: 847-280-9636 Website: ausrinesartsroom.net
Categories: Activities, Art Studio Visits & Workshops, Fine Artists

Entabeni Garden

Contact: Terry Kristiansen
Address 370 Hana Highway Mile Marker 26 in Upper Nahiku Hana, Hawaii 96713 Phone: 808-248-7600 Website: Entabeni Gardens
Categories: Activities, Agriculture, Aloha ʻĀina - Environmental Stewardship, Art Studio Visits & Workshops, Farm & Garden Tours, Fine Artists, Flowers, Food & Beverage Products

Hana Entertainment Productions

Contact: Kaiolohia Funes Smith
Address P.O. Box 122 Hana, Hawaii 96713 Mobile Phone: 808 495-3311
Categories: Activities, Event & Sound Production, Fine Artists, Music & Entertainment, Services, Talk Story - Writing, News Sharing, Marketing & Advertising

Hanapapalani ~ ‘Ohana Cottage & Whale Watch Suite

Contact: Heidi Lea
Address 6900 Hana Highway Hana, HI 96713Mailing Address P.O. Box 1028 Hana, HI 96713 Phone: (808) 248-7313 Website: Hanapapalani
Categories: Fine Artists, Local Artisans & Handcrafted Art, Lodging & Vehicle Rentals

Jerry Grigory Photography

Contact: Jerry Grigory
Mailing Address PO Box 1024 Hana, Hawaii 96713 Phone: 808-891-0333 Website: jerrygrigoryart.com
Categories: Fine Artists, Photography, Services

Karen Davidson Fine Art

Contact: Karen Davidson
Address 46050 Hāna Highway – Mile Marker 46.5 Hana, Hawaii 96713Mailing Address PO Box 67 Hana, Hawaii 96713 Mobile Phone: (808) 281-0426‬ Website: Karen Davidson Fine Art
Categories: Art Studio Visits & Workshops, Fine Artists