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Karen Davidson Fine Art

Contact: Karen Davidson
Address 46050 Hāna Highway – Mile Marker 46.5 Hana, Hawaii 96713Mailing Address PO Box 67 Hana, Hawaii 96713 Mobile Phone: (808) 281-0426‬ Website: Karen Davidson Fine Art


Photo of Karen Davidson Fine Art

Studio Visits Available by Appointment

My work is a fusion of paper sculpture, abstract painting, and Hawaiian culture. I am inspired by the natural beauty of Hawaii, the rich history of Polynesian culture, and the ancient art of paper-making.

I use handmade paper as my primary medium. I hand-form the paper from a variety of fibers, including kozo, hemp, and mulberry. I then sculpt the paper into three-dimensional forms, which I paint with mineral pigments. The mineral pigments give my work a rich, earthy palette that reflects the natural beauty of Hawaii.

The sculptures are often abstract, but it is always rooted in the natural world. I am interested in creating forms that suggest movement, growth, and transformation. I also use my work to explore the relationship between humans and nature.

I believe that art can be a powerful tool for connecting people with the natural world. My work is an invitation to slow down and appreciate the beauty of all that surrounds us. It is also a reminder that we are part of a larger ecosystem, and that we have a responsibility to care for our planet.


Studio visits may be made by appointment and my work can be viewed at the Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao.

Visit Us: Karen Davidson Fine Art

Email: kdhana@icloud.com

Call or Text: (808) 281-0426‬



Categories: Art Studio Visits & Workshops, Fine Artists