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Hana Herbs & Flowers

Contact: Eileen Comeaux
Mailing Address PO Box 323 Hana, HI 96713 Phone: 808-248-7407 Website: HanaHerbs.com


Photo of Hana Herbs & Flowers

Hana Herbs and Flowers Wild Craft Pohole (Maui Fern Shoot) Local and Export – Family Owned & Operated Pohole Farm


We Save Pohole (Maui Fern Shoot) by harvesting from areas where people may bulldoze to build a house or plant flowers, or any other agricultural product.  Not changing the land but working with the land.  By paying to harvest Pohole it encourages the owner from replacing it.  Constantly clearing of vines and other invasive species like African tulips, micronium that threaten the natural habitat of this native plants and indeed it ever existence.  We have successfully taken care of our patches that we steward and have help these patches to grow and expand.
   We believe that by saving this indigenous plant we hope to save a part of Hawaiian culture.  One way is saving Pohole is to give it value on an economic scale that encourages all people to want to maintain this amazing plant.  Our first step happened in 1988 when Patsy Mink and Senator Dan Akaka helped Pohole receive approval from the FDA.  This has made it possible for everyone in Hawaii to legally sell Pohole thus creating a “new” product that could be sold.  It can now be found in many restaurants across the islands and in natural food stores, groceries stores and on mainland.  We are thankful to everyone who supports our family farm.  
  • HOFA Hawaii Organic Certified Organic 100% organic.
  • 2010 “Local Hero Award” Category Farm/Farmer from edible Hawaiian Island Community/Magazine.
  • 2009 Winter issue edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine Photo Pohole “What is it & how do you eat it? 
  • 2008 Honolulu Magazine October issue Contact info and about us. 
  • 2008 Ethnic & Specialty Expo “All Things Organic” Speaker and Demo.
  • 2006 Wholefoods November issue our store.
  • 2002 “BOCA Raton” Pohole (Maui Fern Shoots) Photo, Contact & about us. 
  • 1999 “Island Scene” summer article on us and Fiddleheads (Pohole). 
  • 1999 Web site from web TV to Maui.net with new e-mail. 
  • 1999 Food Talk on 1370 KDTH radio show.
  • 1998 December “Maui Scene” magazine Photo & story info.
  • 1998 November issue “Food & Wine Magazine”. 
  • 1998/June/25 Press release “Exotic Pohole Fern Shoots from Hana Maui Hawaii”.
  • 1996 Web TV with web site and e-mail.
  • 1996 “Hawaii Cooks” TV show with Roy Yamaguchi film on our farm. 
  • 1996 Graham Kerr “Galloping Gourmet” show present Pohole Fern Shoots.  
  • 1996 Honolulu Advertiser Island Life front-page photo and story of Pohole.
  • 1993 FDA approved Pohole for sale to public.
  • 1992 stated the paper work to have Pohole (Maui Fern Shoots) FDA approved for resale to the public.
  • 1984 Member of Maui Flower Growers.
  • 1988 started wild-crafting Pohole, unknown needed food FDA approved.
  • 2010 we now harvest 200 pounds of Pohole a week delivery both local and to the mainland
  • 2010 Won Local Hero Award from Edible Communities.  
  • 2015 Harvesting 400 a week and growing.
  • 2016 Harvesting 600 a week still growing.
  • 2018 Harvesting over 1000# a week!  Growing pains.. 
  • 2020 still growing
Categories: Agriculture, Flowers, Shopping