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Hana Gold

Contact: Aldon Frost
Address P.O. Box 934 Hana, Hawaii 96713 Phone: (808) 248-8399 Website: Hana Gold Website


Photo of Hana Gold

Hana Gold Plantation was founded in 1978 by Robert and Francine Frost with a commitment to provide people with the finest, naturally grown products.  In recent years Hana Gold has begun producing Maui’s first “branch to bar” chocolate.   We are joined by our son Aldon and his wife Alyssa in our efforts. The growing of each tree to the pouring of every bar, making a quality 100% Maui grown chocolate has become a family passion.   Our commitment to our neighbors and customers is to deliver a superior gourmet chocolate crafted from natural Hawaiian ingredients using only the most environmentally thoughtful methods.

Hana Gold Cacao Plantation rests along the rugged Hana Coast of Maui on the slope of the towering Haleakala Volcano.  Cooled by a gentle tropical mist and naturally fertilized by Hawaii’s rich volcanic soil, our trees produce the most flavorful cacao beans in the world.  East Maui offers a unique environment for growing cacao that creates a chocolate rich in diverse flavors and subtle undertones.  All of our cacao is harvested with care by hand and processed under the watchful eye of our master chocolatier.  It is this careful treatment of our beans that gives Hana Gold chocolate its critically acclaimed flavor.

Our cacao is cared for on our plantation with a respect for the land. We grown our trees only with what nature has given, the sun, the soil, the rain. Our chocolate is made using only the finest available Hawaiian ingredients, making Hana Gold one of the few chocolates in the world made from Hawaii’s bounty.  Hana Gold’s unblended and entirely Hana grown chocolate is handcrafted using environmentally conscious processes, making it the truest flavor of aloha in a chocolate bar.

Categories: Agriculture, Food & Beverage Products