Maka‘ala  =  Alert, vigilant, watchful, wide awake, paying attention.

It is unfortunately common for injuries and fatalities to occur when visitors underestimate the power and wildness of East Maui. 
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Please follow to these basic tips to ensure your safety:


Effective August 1, 2022 the County of Maui and the Maui Emergency Management Agency has contracted with a new vendor for dissemination of emergency alerts, automated weather alerts, and emergency mass notifications. The new system will be known as MEMA ALERTS and the new vendor is CivicPlus, Inc., utilizing their CivicReady Emergency Communication Solution. This solution will provide for automated alerts directly from the National Weather Service, recipient’s choice of over 60 different languages for receiving messages, access to the myAlerts app for enhanced alerting while at home or on the go, and easier user account management.

Current subscriber contact information has been transferred over to the new system, however we would like all subscribers to log in, confirm your account and make sure that your contact information is correct and to make any necessary updates.

Existing Maka’ala subscribers:

· go to the following MEMA ALERTS website,

· select the green “modify” button at the bottom of the page

· enter the email address or phone number that you used to register with Everbridge

you will be sent a link to the email or number provided

· after accessing your account, make sure your contact information and any alert choices are correct and make any changes as needed

· hit the save button

· after you confirm your MEMA Alerts registration in the CivicReady system, deactivate your Maka’ala account with Everbridge or you may receive duplicate notifications until August 1st when the Everbridge system is deactivated. 

Please use the following link to access the sign in page to make changes to, or to deactivate your Maka’ala account through Everbridge:


New MEMA ALERTS Subscriber: (Please share this information with your family and friends)

· go to the following website, to register for to our MEMA Alerts page for additional information and then click on the CivicReady registration link

· select the green “sign up” button

· input information as directed on the page

· hit the save button


Visit the MEMA Alerts webpage for additional information about signing up.


MEMA will no longer utilize the Maka’ala notification system through Everbridge effective August 1, 2022.

Download the myAlerts app for your iOS or android device for enhanced alerting while on the go.

(Scan the appropriate QR code for your phone type.)

Android IOS
Apple IOS
Rescue Tubes are located on many popular East Maui beaches.